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        1. Welcome to the Northern Rockies Regional Airport

          We are the premiere airport located in Northern BC, connecting the province, country and world to the people, resources and opportunities within the Northern Rockies.

          Fort Nelson is considered a “remote location” and Central Mountain Air (CMA) passengers do not require proof of vaccine unless they have a connecting flight, please call CMA reservations or check their "Know Before You Go" page for further information.

          The Government of Canada requires that all travellers six years and older wear a face mask large enough to cover their mouth, nose and chin during their entire travel journey, including within the terminal. This applies to travellers who are fully vaccinated as well. For more information on face masks, please consult: Non-Medical Face Masks: About.
          Note: Exceptions to this include: an infant less than 2 years old, a person who provides a medical certificate certifying that they are unable to wear a face mask for medical reasons, a person who is unconscious, and a person who is unable to remove their face mask without assistance.

          Where can I find information about travel, testing, quarantine and borders?
          The Transport Canada website at www.travel.gc.ca/travel-covid has answers to most common questions.



          Fort Nelson and the Northern Rockies

          Told by the beloved original curator of the Fort Nelson Heritage Museum, the late Marl Brown. 

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